I have had the pleasure of having Denys Remedios in my life as both a transitional Counsellor and Life Coach. He has assisted me on an on-going basis with respect to both a kidney transplant and life after. Since I suffered 'kidney death', Denys was there to support and counsel me through the toughest time in my life, and once I got the call for the new kidney, I honestly didn't want to take it…I legitimately thought and hoped my life would be over. Denys was their and he helped me through this transition, as he, himself received a brand-new kidney recently. I had the transplant and Denys was their and is still walking me through the 'ups and downs' of it all. I am almost ready to return to work now and Denys is helping me with yet another transition from being sick to total devastation, to rebirth, and now facing the re-entry of my life with work, friends and family. I would like to take this opportunity to share my gratitude of this man, who I also consider to be my emergency life line and my very good friend. Thanks Denys!

- M.L.F., Transplant Recipient

I met Denys as a (pre-op) kidney transplant patient. Knowing that he had gone through the same surgery years ago, I found his insight and wisdom life reassuring. Over the past few months he has helped me transition myself through pain staking dialysis; through a difficult major surgery; and now through my post-surgical depression issues. Denys has helped me realize that “God didn't pull me out of the ocean only to kick my ass on the beach”. Thank-you Denys, for helping me realize that there is life after kidney failure.

- P.G., Former Dialysis Patient

I met Denys in the hospital post-transplant. He had just received a new kidney and I received a new lung. I believe we helped each other through that time together as going through a major surgery is very traumatic both pre and post op. It was after we both left the hospital that Denys began to help me process what life had become for me. Being sick for such a long time, I realized that life had moved on without me. Friends had come and gone, I wasn't ready to go back to work, and I was now having marital problems as I no longer needed the intensive support my wife had grown accustomed to provide for me. I began seeing Denys on a weekly basis first as friends, then professionally where we discussed what I was going through. Both my wife and I are grateful, as I honestly believe that his council saved my marriage. He helped me process dealing with returning to work, and made me realize that it was okay to take my time to heal. Over a period of 1 year, Denys assisted me in my career decision to not return to work full-time. I was financially secure and feeling that 'I needed to be the bread winner of the family' was only in my head. My wife and I recently retired and now live in Newfoundland where we are both close to friends and family and opened up a small fishing supply business. Thank-you Denys for helping re-find the joy in my life.

- J.D., Lung Transplant Recipient

My coaching experience held with Denys has helped me redefine and achieve my career goals. It has enabled me to discover who I am, and what makes me happy. Through my sessions with Denys I discovered that I am more than my job, my possessions, more than what I perceive to be my status in life. I have worked more than 20 years in a job I hated and thanks to Denys and NRVMS I was able to launch into my new career. Being self-employed has shown me a better way to take control of my life and believe in what I'm doing is the right choice for me. Denys told me that if I'm happy in my work, the rewards would be beyond what I could ever comprehend. Now I work with other entrepreneurs and have never been happier. I followed the steps Denys outlined for me, and once I was brave enough to take the plunge, I realized what Denys was telling me was right! Not going to lie the transition was tough, but the support I received from Denys and NRVMS was in my opinion superior to any type of support service I had ever experience. After that the rest of my life just fell into place, I got engaged, wasn't so negative about things in my life, and I was generally happy. I really appreciate the time I spent with Denys. Thank You for everything.

-G.S., Self-Employed Entrepreneurial Start-Up Consultant

I participated in a Career Counselling Program at NRVMS. My specialist was a gentleman by the name of Denys Remedios. Through our 12-session program, Mr. Remedios educated me on how to change careers and look for new employment in the modern age. I had not even had a resume as I was employed in the same job for almost 20 years. I was about to make a major change in my professional life, and Denys made it easier for me to do so. He provided me with the skills and education necessary to appropriately network and perform well in interviews; and in under 11 weeks helped find and secure my dream job. From my perspective, NRVMS and Denys Remedios provides a fantastic service. I have never experienced support like that ever!

-T.R., Former Banking Representative, now Assistant Operations Director, Brokerage Firm

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2009 and as a result I was injured significantly. My work was very labour intensive and too heavy for me to return to. I was not getting any assistance from my auto insurance provider, so my lawyer gave me the contact information for Mr. Denys Remedios and a company by the name of NRVMS. Once my claim was settled I approached Mr. Remedios and sought his help. Denys engaged me in numerous vocational and career tests, which I initially thought was a waste of time. I could not deal with more assessments as I just completed an abundance of insurance related tests and assessments concerning my insurance claim. Mr. Remedios provided me with the compassion and counselling that helped me get through my dilemma, especially after being scarred by dealings with insurance. In the end, the testing Mr. Remedios administered provided me with an awesome job list and career plan. His technicians provided me with return to work strategies and followed me all the way to the point of interview. That was a real confidence boost for me. I had never felt so prepared to get a job even before I was involved in the motor vehicle accident. In the end, Mr. Remedios found me a profession I was able to return to that I like. I was in a happier environment in a job I loved with great people I work with. Mr. Remedios and his team gave my life purpose again and I can not thank them enough!!!!

-D.J., Travel Agency Adviser

Denys Remedios and his company (NRVMS) have been a tremendous help in the successful start-up of my business venture. They assisted me in the development of my business and marketing plans and directed me to their contact at RBC Bank where I was able to ascertain a “hefty” business line of credit. Since their involvement with my start-up they have further set my company up in a business centre office setting and gave me recommendations to legal, accounting and web design support. I'd be lost if I hadn't met Denys at the 2014 SociaLIGHT Conference.

-J.P.J., Car Detailing and Cleaning Service Entrepreneur

I have worked with Denys Remedios and (NRVMS) for several years as one of their Medico-Legal Experts. I am what people call "old school" when it comes to changes in technology and the digital age. Recently Denys Remedios brought up the idea that I should make my practice more computer aware and paperless. He and his team stream lined the process for my and my assistants making my practice more efficient in the digital age. Now my service operates faster and more efficient with respect to tracking document and getting my reports to the referring sources faster with less errors in time efficiency and quality of reports.

-Dr. D.B., Neuropsychiatrist

I am an established business owner and own a small on-retail company. I had submitted my business plan and was approved for a small line of credit for $25,000.00. A year into my business plan, I realized that my profits were not quite what I had expected. I met Denys Remedios at an event at the National Club and we started taking about strategic planning coaching. He offered me a free consultation and sold me on an executive coaching package and I'll tell you, it was worth every penny! Through his mentoring, I effectively learned how to advertise on-line for free using social media, and was able to utilize my capital more effectively. It literally saved my business. Thanks Den!!!! Really appreciate the education!!!!

-J.R., Successful Entrepreneur