Business Coaching/Counseling:

(NRVMS)provides qualified and experienced Business Coaching and Counseling support. Our focus is to enhance you and your organization in the areas of Executive, Career and Strategic Planning. Regardless if you are:

(a) People Seeking to Enhance Their Career Development Potential
(b) Professionals Seeking to Transition into Different Careers
(c) Start-Up and Kick-Starter Entrepreneurs
(d) Existing Corporate Entities

Let us provide you and / or your organization with the necessary skills, education, and experience to positively impact your growth and the expansion of your Business and/or Entrepreneurial Ideas.

Executive Coaching/Counseling:

Our Executive Coaches and Counselors provide you the strategic support to assist you in developing the necessary skills that are required to improve the performance issues related to your business. Your Executive Coach will help you develop the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary to build your organization's overall effectiveness by providing you with the strategic planning tools that will aid you in organizational forward movement.

The (NRVMS) Executive Coaching/Counseling Approach aims to provide your business with the advisory capacity necessary to improve your focus on Business and Marketing Goal Setting. Some of our services within this professional category include, but are not limited to such topic areas:

(1) Business Plan Consultation and Development
(2) Marketing Plan Analysis and Development
(3) Economic Trend/Labour Market Investigation/Foot Traffic Research
(4) S.W.O.T. Analysis
(5) Infrastructural Organizational Development
(6) Venture Capitalist Considerations
(7) Financial Institution Relationship Negotiations
(8) Human Resources Training and Development Seminars and Workshops

Our Executive Coaches and Counselors take the methodological approach to put your best interests first while engaging you in the process to maximize your full potential to execute your strategic plan development.

Career Coaching/Counselling:

Using similar Executive Coaching / Counseling methodologies, our Career Coaching and Counselling Specialists will work closely with you to create, develop and implement a uniquely tailored Career Design Plan. This includes but is not limited to the following:

(1) How to Seek and Secure Employment in the 21st Century
(2) The Best Way to Progress in your Career
(3) Career Goal Setting and Contingency Planning
(4) Transitional Career Planning
(5) Resume and Curriculum Vita Building
(6) Job Readiness Preparation Skill Building
(7) Effective Job Search Strategies
(8) Interviewing Skill Development