Personal Coaching / Counselling:

(NRVMS)provide an abundance of Counselling and Coaching Programs. Our initial focus has been in the area of Vocational Rehabilitation and Career Development designed to address the needs of a diverse group of people. These groups included individuals who have been injured and/or disabled as a result of some significant, traumatic or catastrophic life changing event.

Services rendered to such clientele range from the age 13 to adulthood; and are administered by both qualified and certified professionals in various fields such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy; Social Work, Speech Language Pathology; Psychotherapy; Psychology and Psychiatry.

Our Services has broadened to provide various seminars and workshops in a multitude of areas which include, but not limited to the following:

All our qualified and certified Counsellors and Coaches embody a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach when providing services to You, Our Client. Coaching and Counselling services can be provided "one-on-one" or in "group" settings.

(1) Confidence, Self-Worth, & Self-Esteem
(2) Career Change -- Creating Workplaces that Work
(3) Career / Business / Executive Strategic Balance
(4) The Mastery of Balance -- Juggling a Life
(5) Self-Care -- Getting Your Own Needs Met
(6) Living Your Purpose
(7) Self & Identity -- Surviving the Oppressive Over-Culture
(8) Homesteading, Environmental Activism & Permaculture
(9) Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health
(10) Personal Image Awareness